David Dornan

Channel: Bad Puppy
2018-11-08 05:30:02
David Dornan wanted some alone time so he went for a walk in the woods. Realizing he is totally alone David stops in a cool, shady spot and decides it’s time for some personal play time. David slowly strips off his shirt revealing a lean, trim young body and as he caresses his chest he starts tugging at the buttons keeping his jeans up. As he slides down his jeans, David begins pulling at his cock thru his shorts, attempting to get it worked up in the sun. He sits back on a rocky outcrop and frees his thick cock from the confines of his shorts and begins stroking it, getting it harder and harder. As he pulls off his shorts, David kneels down, turns his back to the camera giving us all a clear view of that sweet furry ass while at the same time he keeps working his dick with his other hand. David sits back down on the rocks and continues working his cock even harder after standing for a while jerking his cock for all of nature to see. David’s cock gets visibly harder the more he works it. It does not take long before David shoots his thick creamy load all over his stomach with sweet extras dribbling down his shaft.
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