Deacon and Milo

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2020-05-19 05:30:02
Happy birthday to Milo! Time to celebrate his cumming of age, 18 years old and ready to explore, Deacon is just a couple of years older and he LUVS to break in those, sexy, willing, gullible young cuties. The boys lick cream of each others smooth, hairless, lithe young bodies, but Deacon is just teasing his cute sub boy. Milo can't wait to suck his first cock and Deacon shows him just how. He's not got much of a technique, but he's cute as a button and making up for his lack of experience with a LOT of enthusiasm. Poor Milo can't wait to pop his cherry, and he's though he's a tight fit, and he struggles to take Deacon's great big tool, he's just so horny and eager to please. Deacon's taking no prisoners and really breaks this boy in, he'll spend the first day of man! hood sitting on a rubber ring! Deacon's favourite thing is the tightness of a smooth virgin hole and he gives it a real, nasty ploughing before hosing it down in sperm.
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