Debt Dandy 103

Channel: Debt Dandy
2023-11-20 11:30:01
I will never get used to those communist buildings in the outskirts of Prague. It must really not be very funny to live in such a depressive surrounding. But no doubt – it’s quite affordable to live there. Especially if you have debts. Like the guy I visited today. He was born in Slovakia and moved to Prague about a year ago because he wanted to start a new living and leave the debts behind. But what happened? He lost his job and started to make new debts. Soon he would live on the street if he wouldn’t be able to pay at least one or two overdue rents. So I felt on the save side when I offered him my money-for-sex business. First he was reluctant – like most of the guys. But when I threatened to leave he suddenly changed his mind.
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