Debt Dandy 86

Channel: Debt Dandy
2024-07-10 10:30:01
This was indeed a surprise. I didn’t expect today’s client to live in such a nice area – even in a house. I was bit skeptical if this guy would agree to my way of solving someones financial issues. Also I didn’t have so much cash on me that day as this guy sounded very young on the phone. Well, so I decided to listen to him and to sort out my chances – somehow it was a turn-on for me to fuck such a different „type“ of client. Actually he lost his job 3 months ago. And the overdue mortgage summed up. Not a fortune to be honest. Despite my limited cashflow this day I would have been able to cover his small financial issue right away. But how would he react if I tell him my desires? His whole situation seemed not too bad… would he maybe get aggressiv?
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