Dimitri Kane and Caleb Troy

Channel: Bait Buddies
2023-11-20 11:30:01
Our straight "fine ass truck driver'' as the girls refer to Caleb, is back once again. Caleb is a big boy, all muscle, just the right amount of ink, and manly handsome to boot - and when he finishes stripping down to unveil his almost 8'' very thick cock, it's apparent he's got it all. After trucking for years, he says he has at least one or two girls who are willing to spread for him at most of his stops, but does admit to having fucked a ''lot lizard'' (trucker's term for truck stop hooker) a couple of times. Anyway, this hunky big rig driver called Caruso on a break from delivering freight and asked him if there was any work available - he was ready to come back for his second appearance and was willing to live up to what he originally said to Caruso ''I'll try anything twice''. Of course Caruso always has work available for a straight stud like Caleb, but only under his conditions. After all, if they're getting paid double, they're going to have work for it. And, this time Caleb would have to work for it on his back, getting fucked.
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