Dirty Scout 27

Channel: Dirty Scout
2019-03-14 05:30:02
When the first applicant appeared I noticed some strange dialect. After a while I had to ask where he came from. He was from Macedonian, a tiny country between Greece and Serbia. I didn’t even know they have so handsome young men over there. However, I gave my best to describe the vacancy I was about to offer as good as I could. I could tell from his eyes that he was really interested. He came here for a better life and my offer perfectly matched his dreams. As I supposed he also wasn’t able to pay the 5 000 CZK registration fee. So I offered him to strip naked instead. He wasn’t shy at all but all he wanted was a guarantee that he would really get the job afterward. Then he finally started to show me his body. Wow… he was so damn hot.
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