Dolf Dietrich and Brian Bonds

2024-05-12 10:30:03
Brian Bonds digs mansmells, which is why when we started this scene, he already had his face in Dolf Dietrich’s armpit when we started filming. Soon, however, the scruffy blond bottom is on his knees sucking, choking and gagging on Dolf’s big dick. As it turns out, the two are also into spitting while having sex. Brian spits occasionally on Dolf’s cock but muscled and tattooed Dolf spits on Brian, treating him like the manwhore that he is. Brian just keeps on sucking, getting his face fucked. Dolf returns the oral favor and although he has some serious oral skills he’s far better at rimming hungry manholes. Driving Brian to the edge of insanity, Dolf buries his tongue deep in Brian’s crack, getting his asshole wet. When Brian can no longer stand it, he straddles Dolf and impales himself. Riding that raw fat dick, Brian fucks himself and doesn’t let up until Dolf spurts his load. Brian, bareback cum pig that he is, sits right down on Dolf’s cock, still spewing cum, and milks the rest of the load out of him. Then it’s Dolf’s turn to take control. He gets Brian on his knees, shoves his still hard cock inside the freshly fucked hole and pounds away. You can even hear his seed squelching inside the power bottom! Soon, Dolf is ready to come a second time. This time, Brian wants to eat his load, which he does, savoring it to the point of swallowing all the protein, while he himself pumps out a juicy load, and not letting us see Dolf’s jizz. Greedy cum pig.
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