Dominic and Gustavo

Channel: Bad Puppy
2022-05-06 05:30:02
Brazilian stud Gustavo was relaxing on the bed while Dominic finished up in the shower after their day at the beach. Dominic enters the room, walks over to the bed and slaps Gustavo on the ass, waking him. Gustavo rolls over and Dominic helps slide down Gustavo’s underwear revealing a very thick and long chocolate stick which he sucks right down. After a few minutes of Dominic enjoying Gustavo’s cock, Gustavo kneels up on the bed and slowly pulls back the towel Dominic had wrapped around his waist. As the towel slips away Dominic’s thick cock is standing at attention just waiting for Gustavo to put it in his mouth. Once Gustavo swallowed Dominic’s cock our two studs go between Dominic face fucking Gustavo, to Gustavo sucking at Dominic’s cock like he’s never going to get it again after today. Gustavo lies down on the bed, face first, with his ass in the air waiting on Dominic’s tongue and finger which Dominic uses to prime Gustavo’s hole and get it ready for his thick cock. Gustavo rolls over on his side, Dominic lies beside him and while holding one of Gustavo’s legs back, Dominic thrusts his cock deep into Gustavo’s waiting hole with one methodical thrust. Dominic finds a way to fuck Gustavo in five different positions before Gustavo finally grabs his cock in hand and with the excitement of the entire fuck-fest he blows his load of cum all over his stomach and chest. Dominic lies back on the bed, grabs his cock and jerks off a load of sweet jizz for Gustavo to eat up. I think it’s time for another trip to Brazil.
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