Dominic Pacifico and Sam Barclay

Channel: World Of Men
2019-03-14 05:30:02
Mexican blooded LA living DJ Dominic is over in London for a few days. He invites his friend jack over to the apartment he’s renting for a catch up. Dominic is waiting for Sam to come over for a shag. Dominic wants jack to film it for him but Sam is not aware of it. Sam arrives and is perplexed by the presence of Jack, Dominic explains and Sam relents, he agrees to be filmed. Dominic takes the lead and it’s not long before the two are taking their clothes off and both cocks are hard and waiting for attention. Dominic is the first to taste the hot meat Sam is offering. It seems the young man Sam has forgotten about the camera and soon he dives for Dominic’s big cock. Dominic enjoys the English lad’s wet mouth work both his hard cock and his bull-like balls before pushing him back on the sofa and going back to work on Sam. He returns the favour of a great blow job and moves down towards the man’s fuzzy hole. Dominic works his tongue in, out and around it and before stuffing it with his cock. He rams it deep inside Sam fast and hard before turning him and taking him again from the back until he shoots a massive load all over the lad’s cheeks. Not happy, he pushes Sam’s back on the sofa and stuffs his still hard cock down his throat until Sam explodes and empties the hot content of balls on his belly.
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