Dominique and Vinicius Costa

Channel: Bad Puppy
2024-07-10 10:30:01
Brazilian studs Dominique and Vinicius Costa met each other walking the beach in Rio. It was an immediate attraction and Vinicius took a chance inviting Dominique back to his apartment which Dominique readily accepted. Stopping just outside the patio door Vinicius leans towards Dominique’s face and the two embrace in a deep kiss. As the two go into the apartment kissing continues; but, Vinicius is quick to help Dominique out of his shorts and Dominique’s cock springs to attention. Dropping to his knees Vinicius sucks down every inch of Dominique’s dick, enjoying every inch of it. As both studs fall on the bed, Dominique helps Vinicius out of his shorts and after a brief blowjob Dominique buries his face in Vinicius’ ass ramming his tongue as deep into Vinicius’ hole as possible. Dominique slides up and kisses Vinicius softly on the back of his neck while rubbing his rock hard cock into Vinicius’ ass-crack. Dominique grabs Vinicius’ backside, pulls him back onto his knees and then slowly buries his cock deep inside Vinicius. Once his cock is inside Vinicius, Dominique begins pounding away at Vinicius’ ass, thoroughly getting into the passion of the moment. Rolling over on his side, Vinicius motions for Dominique to lie beside him and Vinicius backs into Dominique’s cock where here begins grinding intently. Ready for more, Vinicius climbs on top of Dominique, sits down on his thick, huge cock and begins riding it up and down working his own ass on Dominique’s cock.
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