Eduardo Flores and Mateus Axel

Channel: World Of Men
2018-07-15 05:30:01
Long-haired Brazilian hunk Mateus Axel invites Eduardo Flores to his cabin on the silliest of pretexts. He wants Eduardo to see his new fireplace. But there was never a need for the ruse since Eduardo has had the hots for Mateus since they first met at a party. After making out, Mateus is quick to shove his fat cock down Eduardo’s throat and fuck his face. But the smaller, thinner white Latino is a bit too controlled for Mateus’ taste. So the rough fucker bends Eduardo over and shoves his fingers up his tight, rarely used pink fuckhole using nothing but spit as lube. Eduardo is soon skewered by Mateus, impaled on the fat piece of Brazilian meat. The two get L-O-U-D as Mateus pumps away at Eduardo, fucking and humping and thrusting like a horny dog until he blows his load all over the bottom’s face.
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