Edy Reed and Joel Vargas

Channel: Alpha Males
2019-06-09 05:30:02
Edy Reed has jerked off quite a lot but hasn’t yet been with another man, let alone another twink. When a friend told him about the type of massage they’d received from Joel Vargas, horny Edy’s butthole twitched and he immediately got in touch with the dark-haired cutie. The very next day, Edy was at Joel’s place, ready for the one thing he wanted most. Joel, ever the attentive masseur, realized that what Edy needed was no ordinary massage so he dispenses with the table, getting his hands slippery with oil to give his virgin client an experience he’ll never forget. Wearing a pair of tight white briefs, slender Edy enjoys the the older, experienced Joel’s touch and is soon hard as his nipples are worked over. Joel takes his sweet time playing with Edy’s cock then slides the twink’s briefs down, his greasy hands oiling up Edy’s ass and playing with his eager fuck hole. After fingering the puckered entrance, Joel then uses a toy on Edy’s virgin ass before giving him what the twink wants most. A slick, slipper handjob that ends with Edy spewing fresh hot twink jizz all over his own belly!
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