Eric Schwanz and Jean Paul

Channel: Hairy And Raw
2020-05-22 05:30:02
It’s enticing to watch guys making out while dressed. Perhaps it’s their growing passion that makes it exciting. Or perhaps it’s waiting for the reveal as they slowly undress and get naked. Whatever the reason, we were boned when Eric Schwanz and Jean Paul started making out with some slurpy kissing. When they removed their tops, they got even noisier and wetter as they continued making out and chewing each others nipples. Things got really steamy when they worked each others jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping, and pulling out fat cocks. Bearded and shaved bald, Jean Paul went down like a greedy cub, feeding on Eric’s thick, juicy tool. Eric returned the favor while fingering the big slut’s hole, then flipped him on all fours and ate out that big hairy ass. Clad in a jockstrap, Jean Paul’s ass was just too sexy to resist. Eric dove right in, rimming and spit-lubing the hungry pink fuckhole before spreading it open with his fingers. Jean Paul begs to be finger fucked and Eric happily obliges the pleading bottom, stretching him open before sliding his fat raw cock inside and topping Jean Paul. Eric fucks hard and deep, taking the bareback whore to the edge, at times using Jean Paul’s harness to keep him in place, where he belongs, ass up in the air for a thick hung bareback top to use.
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