Filip Berky

Channel: Bad Puppy
2020-04-08 05:30:02
20 year old Filip Berky wakes up with “morning wood” and needs to take care of it before he gets up to get ready for work. He pulls back the covers revealing a very tight pair of underwear, expanding under the pressure of Filip’s engorged cock. Filip slides his shorts off and begins stroking his cock, making it thicker and thicker. Pulling his legs back Filip gives us an exacting view of his sweet asshole. His ass is just crying to have a cock shoved in it; but, we’ll leave that for another day. Filip graces us with a few different positions on the bed, showing us every angle of his hard cock and gorgeous ass until; while kneeling, Filip squirts an impressive stream of cum straight up in the air and it falls back against his chest, stomach and cock. Now, we just need to see him shoot his jizz while getting fucked up the ass.
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