Fitz 2

2022-04-23 05:30:02
There’s just something about Fitz that just rocks my soul. Although the lips, the smile, the nose (yeah, I know), and the eyes definitely trip my trigger, it’s not just the physical for him. As I mentioned in the storyboard for his first video, when Fitz looks at you intently with his gorgeous hazel eyes, it’s as though he’s seeing directly inside your soul. I find myself looking away in one moment and completely allowing that connection in the next. Oh so very rarely since 2002 I have just wanted to grab a CAUSA guy, lock lips, and just… share each other’s energy if ya know what I mean. ?? PART 1 – Soooooooooooo… All that I’m going to say about Part 1 is… WHOOPS! ?? PART 2 – Another 25 minutes later and the insertion of the Aneros Vice, Fitz gave us another toe-curling cumshot!
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