Channel: Asian Boys
2018-02-13 05:30:02
The best things happen "between friends." As Sen, in the blue, and Mirai, in white, are about to experience a "bonding moment," they go inside. In this AsianBoys.XXX video, Sen can't get hard, and Mirai's about to prove him wrong. While kissing and tweaking Sen's nipples, Mirai slides a hand down to the "problem area." Damn, look at what a warm wet mouth can do. Sen reciprocates "the bond" he's felt, working on Mirai's porcelain skin and substantial cock. Sen tries to ride a top of his partner, "butt" things don't work out; no problem, they still have their mouths. 69ing, the boys go until Sen shoots streams of jizz onto the couch; they do have a "close friendship." Mirai also shows us his "pools of joy," as he "cares enough to share."
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