Games, Scene 3.

Channel: Retro Males
2024-04-04 10:30:01
Jeff (Leo Ford) and Coach Davis (Mike Davis) talk about what the boy saw in the locker room; apparently Coach Davis and Bob were messing around. Jeff asks, how do you know I didn't want it to be me? The coach rectifies the situation as he takes Jeff to the locker room. Sucking the coach's large cock, Jeff is then fucked after a nice rim job. Pulling out, Coach Davis shoots onto the boy's backside. The next day, Bob (Jim Rogers) spikes Jeff's juice saying, I've had the hots for you. Feeling the effects of the drink, Jeff rides home with Bob. Taking advantage of Jeff, Bob is soon on his back, feeling the boy from the inside. Blowing on Bob's thigh, the Jeff then watches Bob's release. Taking off, Jeff then has an accident.
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