Geek Breed

2018-10-14 05:30:02
This vid has two events lol. I was on my way to hook up with a fellow geek for the weekend and I found another dude along the way on grindr on the train. He was hitting me up begging me to suck his dick. He couldn't host.( fuckin DL dudes ) If they weren't so hot I honestly wouldn't bother. But hey I'm weak for a hot body and nice dick. Anyway, we go to a public restroom and I suck his dick there. You could hear all the people in the bathroom carrying on in conversation while I was going after his bro juices with my mouth. He got a huge load all over my luggage that I later realized I didn't wipe off so I had massive dried up cum crust while I'm pulling it from the train station. I think the cab driver noticed it tho lol. So I get to my buds place and as I'm coming in this other super hot dude is leavin! g his place. He's pretty much the same so I was telling him he could have waited for me and we could have shared him. But he explained it was just his straight roommate leaving for the weekend because he didn't want to spend all weekend listening to us fuck. Lol. And that's exactly what we did. We flip fucked all weekend in every possible corner of the house, constantly exchanging cum. And in between we just geeked out to Star Wars. This was a great weekend.
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