Gerardo Bartok and Alan Efron

2020-04-08 05:30:02
Chest to chest on the bed Gerardo Bartok and Alan Efron share sexy tongue kisses, pinching and sucking each others nipples getting hotter and hotter. Gerard frantically jacks his uncut cock, finally standing on the bed so that Alan can start to choke himself on the fat mushroom head. Alan lays down on the bed Gerard looks him right in the eye with his mouth full. Sucking his dick and tickling and licking his ass. Gerardo slapping his dick against against Alan's pleasure hole teasing him with a wide, slippery tongue, Alan spreads his legs wide. Slowly Gerardo inserts a butt plug into Alan's little hole...and you understand why this preparation was necessary, once Gerardo starts hard, fast, pounding Alan's twink ass. Alan may be a bottom, but he likes a nice ride. He gets on top while Gerardo keeps fucking him. Balls to balls. Gerardo and Alan jerk each other 69 style. Gerardo's thick cream sprays all over Alan's chest. Gerardo the gentleman continues jerking and sucking Alan until his clear jizz sprays all over both of them. Then they share a sweet post coital kiss. Aww.
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