Gettin Some Good Ass 2

2018-10-30 05:30:02
Loadin' up on the protein, Matthew will definitely need it for endurance. This part "duex" is about standing, delivering and keeping your mouth open to whatever "cums" your way. The fucking arises later, but I don't want to "get ahead" of the fun. Going and blowing, looks like Justin has a bit of a cotton-mouth, but that doesn't stop him from swallowing. As Matthew's hole becomes the "place to be," he opens up both ends for a sweet treat. "We're gonna fuck your friend," quips one of the tops, one of the many tops Matthew will take today. "Sucking" from both ends, the bottom has a perfect hole, allowing for any size and thickness; he has a hot asshole as well. "Yeah, keep fucking him while I cum in his mouth," cheers one of the boys, who "whitens" Matthew's smile. Changing positions, and tops, each takes a turn, until Matthew adds his jizz to the palm of one of the fuckers. Licked up for all the flavor there is, the boy is way beyond a "cum pig." I knew I was gonna like him the moment I saw his "accommodating ways."
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