Giving Him A Swollen Hole

2018-11-08 05:30:02
A lot of guys make good progress with us, but unfortunately almost all of them backslide at some point. Just when we think a resident's recovery is nearly complete, he fucks up. We usually put them back at square one with a good fucking. Somehow, with this one, the disappointment of it all really made me flip. Finding him hovering over the toilet in the bathroom, I dragged his ass (literally) into the bedroom, threw him onto the bed, and took off his clothes. He barely knew what was going on at first, but he figured it out quick. Before he knew it, his throat was filled with cock. After a thorough face fucking, it was time to move to his hole. I often go easy at first, but with this one, I dispensed with the niceties. Before long, I was going hog wild on his ass. Shoving his face into the bed while barebacking him from behind, I could barely hear his moans. At least he was relaxed. Filling his mouth full of drink and spit, and then spitting on his chest while I ripped him a new one, he got the picture that he was in deep trouble. After getting his hole nice and swollen bareback, I ripped my dick out of his cunt and shoved it deep into his mouth. This little fuck deserves no better. I wasn't finished, though, and I continue fucking him deep. When he comes to his senses later, I thought, he is really gonna feel the aftermath. Just to be sure he remembers it later, I shove a huge load of jizz into his swollen hole. This cum dump has definitely been fucked good.
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