2022-03-22 05:30:01
~~~~~~ And here we are friends… ClubAmateurUSA’s 12th anniversary & the emperors have no clothes… on many levels… The reigning emperor, per se, Gracen, once again, allows himself to continue his journey toward authenticity, and blessedly, he allows this subordinate emperor to empower his sexploration toward his authentic sexuality. Please note, that I did not reference authentic sexual orientation. I referenced authentic sexuality. Today, 12 years later, there is an acknowledgeable difference. For me, I am still absolutely clothed but where I bare naked is in terms of the editing of this video — or the lack thereof… In the first half of this part one, I did the standard cutting in & out from four camera angles (yup, a fourth camcorder was incorporated for this shoot), but as I continued editing into the second half of part one (once Gracen was prostrate on the CAUSA massage table), I again embraced that each camera angle tells its own story – its own point of view. So, in lieu of cutting & splicing, I decided to let all four camera angles play through till post cumshot.
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