2022-04-12 05:30:02
When I brought Gracen in to shoot the “Black Friday Special,” I did not anticipate getting two days of filming from him because he had a personal commitment that compacted his available time on the first day. It was he who volunteered to come back the next day to provide me more content time. In his previous shoots, after Gracen’s first orgasm, we’ve continued on the massage to a second. Might as well get more BBC bang for the buck. ?? With each shoot, I try a different approach to bring Gracen to a comfortable space to engage in even superficial “back-door” play. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’ve already thought about his next visit to the CAUSA massage table and what that approach might be. Wrapping up 2015, it’s been a rather stellar year of authenticity and intensity throughout the ClubAmateurUSA content. Of course, Gracen continues to “WOW” us, and of our other regular guys such as Josh, Trey, Adrian, Tobias, et al, each continues his journey toward his own authentic sexuality. It is an honor and privilege that you and I are allowed to bear witness. As with the previous 12 years, thank you for your continued loyalty to and support of ClubAmateurUSA. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!
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