Gym Fit Fuckers

Channel: Bulldog Pit
2018-08-25 05:30:03
Young Johny Cruz is changing in the gym as his buddy leaves him to it. Johny, still sweaty from the workout breathes in the scent of the locker room, turns himself on as he slowly strips, rubbing his moist skin and his trim chest hair, down to his bulging boxers, imaginingg his gym buddy is back in the room and giving him one final workout for the day. As if by magic, skinhead Jason is back, his tall lean body naked and ready for action, even his big dick is rock solid and ready, much to Johny’s immediate appreciation! Raising his ass to the air, Johny offers his butt to the lean hung man and it’s taken straight away and he’s flipped and fucked in every position possible. He really can’t get enough! Almost knocking the lockers over as they fuck, Johny shoots whilst Jason’s deep inside, and Jason can’t hold back on the feeling of Johny’s butt clenching as he cums, pulls out and joins his spunk with his own, giving Johny a full coating of cum, mixing it with the sweat already pouring from him.
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