Hans Gets Ass Fucked

2018-07-11 05:30:02
Hans can't wait to get Kyle's big throbbing dick inside him and bends over to take it. Kyle has one last trick up his sleeve and surprises Hans with a nice long rimjob. Hans is in heaven as Kyle's tongue flicks and licks his twink hole. Hans wants more and Kyle can read his twink well. Kyle shoves his finger deep inside Hans' asshole, fingering him hard and opening him up for what's about to come. Kyle bends Hans over and shoves his dick all the way inside Hans. Hans moans and groans taking every inch of Kyle like a pro. Kyle pounds away hard, slapping his pelvis against Hans' tight little ass. It's a rough ride and neither of them can get enough! With every slap of flesh against flesh, Hans' cock flips and flops, bouncing against his balls and stomach. It's more than Kyle can take and he fucks until he blasts his big white load right inside Hans' asshole!
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