Hard Labour : Kaiden, Skye and Oscar

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2019-10-05 05:30:02
We've crammed it all into this overloaded sandwich of sex. Three oversexed twinks messing around with the plumbing, but lets cut to the chase. Its a bareback extravaganza with Skye, Oscar and Max trying every variation of a 3way they can think of. Cock sucking, rimming a cock-to-ass-to-cock-to-ass sex train, flipping, flopping and ending the whole delicious hot mess with a 'finger-licking-good' cum facial, if you have a think for twinks you'll be the cat that got the cream with this juicy episode of Hard Labour. No condoms just young, skin on skin action. Smooth, holes, taut tight, toned young men all just turned 18 and ready to pop for your pleasure. Ip Dip Doo so hard to choose everyone of these stunning lads is a winner.
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