Hate My Fuck Holes

2018-11-25 05:30:03
This is why it’s dangerous to steal a straight guys underwear while he’s sleeping. Jacked-up straight boy Sean woke up to Issac swiping his sweet smelly undies. Even though Issac had planned to return them after he was done beating off, he didn’t get away with it. Sean found out and was PISSED! Naturally, we forced them to do a fuck video while Sean was still heated-up. Sean used and abused poor (yet willing) Issac; he cock-beat him, forced him to get down by the toilet and drink his piss, and then throat fucked him. Sean forced him to eat his ass and opened-up both Issac’s holes and drilled him deep and hard without mercy. What do you know; Issac enjoyed every single second of it. I think Issac knew exactly what he was doing when he swiped those briefs!
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