Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich

2023-05-11 05:30:02
Real-life couple Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich seem to be perpetually horny. The two get together at least once a day to suck the cum out of each other or fuck raw. Today, however, they have a bit more time so instead of a rushed session, Hugh and Dolf get together, in the middle of the day, for a flip fucking bareback session. Big, hunky Dolf and thick-hung daddy Hugh blow each other, making a meal out of cock before rimming then working raw dick in hungry holes. The handsome tattooed studs get sweaty as they do the nasty, with plenty of oral, ass eating, and bareback pounding. If the moaning, grunting and groaning doesn't push you over the edge, watching them climax surely will, as Dolf fucks the jizz right out of Hugh before seeding his hungry muscled ass.
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