I Can't Believe He Let Me Cheat

Channel: Men Over 30
2024-02-12 11:30:01
Matts a sly fellow these days considering he has Scott over in his BFs bed while the fool around. Peter will be home soon and Scott keeps asking Matt if they will be able to fuck before his man gets home. Matt keeps reassuring Scott and beings to make out with him pushing him down to the bed and sucking his cock to make him forget about everything. Matts loving the smooth balls in his mouth until Peter surprises him with a loud ,'What the Fuck', startled and quick with his tongue Matt leans toward the excuse that this was for all of them since they have been discussing a three way for some time now. Peter is pissed that Matt took this route instead of talking to him about. A surprise is one thing but this isn't the surprise Peter was hoping for. Mad as hell but intrigued yet Scott is a sexy man so Peter gives into it. Peter uses Scott's fresh mouth with his big fat cock while Matt fucks him from behind. Lots of sexy man meat and some hot flip flopping until they unleash their loads. Enjoy!
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