I'll Drink To That!

2024-07-10 10:30:01
Chad's back and I bring (yell) for Zach. Together, they're not here to "cut a rug," but this StraightRentBoys.com video will include a "tug." Offering the two a shot of vodka, remember, "everyone looks better at the bottom of a bottle;" and they finish the liquor. With the help of some porn, Chad gets to sit back and get "buzzed," while Zach sucks on the "spirited" boy; okay, we jumped "a-head." Rock hard and now, "in the mood," Chad watches Zach's work. Going all the way down on Chad, Zach checks in; "yeah, it feels pretty good." Grabbing his thigh and panting heavily, Chad is enjoying every inch; has to be the vodka. Standing and shoving Zach's face into his crotch, Chad is getting close. As they sit and Chad "grabs the stick," he pumps out a load that wells up into the air, then "thumps" the carpet as well as his groin. That boy has one hell of a cum shot.
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