I'm Not Gay But Your Ass Made Me Bust

2018-11-17 05:30:02
After his initial casting, I was a bit surprised to get a call so soon from Mike. He needed the money, he said. In spite of him reiterating that he was straight, he said that he would do whatever it takes. Apparently he has very expensive rent, because I knew he already had a full time day job. I thought since he was new at fucking dudes, I'd pair him with Aston, who not only likes straight guys but loves getting dicked down. Although Mike seemed to be trying to appear cool and collected, he was obviously beyond nervous once he arrived. Aston and I had been chatting about how to approach breaking Mike in for a while, since Mike had been held up in traffic. Aston knew just what to do, though. As Mike lay on the bed, Aston gently broke him in with a blowjob, and once Mike was good and hard, he offered up his ass. The funniest thing about this whole scene is that Mike obviously loves it, but he doesn't want to look like he likes it too much. His toes are curling and he has some nervous laughter, but then he catches himself and puts on a serious face. In addition, he wasn't quite sure what to do with his hands. The entire time he is getting serviced, his hands are flailing about because he doesn't seem to want to grab Aston. Maybe he thinks that would be too intimate for a supposed straight guy like him? At any rate, once the fucking begins it is clearly obvious that Mike likes the dirt pipe. He fucks Aston's hot ass with gusto, in several positions. He loves it so much that he creampies Aston fairly quickly, despite my asking him to hold on for another few minutes. I've worked with a lot of actually straight guys in my time, and usually a truly straight guy has problems with his hard on, let alone the cumshot. When Mike busted inside Aston, I knew that I had been right all along.
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