Jackson Fillmore and Hugh Hunter

2022-11-06 05:30:02
While at the local bathhouse, Jackson Fillmore was struck with a dilemma before he ever even left the locker room. The dilemma presented itself in the form of two very hot hung daddies, Brad Kalvo and Hugh Hunter. Clearly each wanted him just as Jackson wanted both of them but Brad marked Jackson first. When it became evident the beefy muscular daddy wasn’t about to give up Jackson’s sweet fuckhole, Hugh wandered off. But he’s come back and while Brad was heated up and ready to fuck Jackson a second time, he graciously offered up Jackson like a piece of property to be used. Hugh, never one to turn away sloppy seconds, tag team fucked the bearded whore then went to town stretching his hole out even further with that big fat cock. The hung tattooed daddy gives Jackson an even harder bareback fuck then shoots his entire load into Jackson’s well-used hole and seeds him, pumping all that jizz deep inside the bareback cum pig. Hugh then allows the freshly fucked slut whore to unload on his face and mouth.
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