Jacob and Drew

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2020-04-29 05:30:02
Stunning Drew presents his little, cutie boyfriend - Jacob - with a pair of revealing under pants and of course insists that Jacob tries them on. Drew admires the little cuties package, and his firm buns with just the briefest brush of hair on his slender legs. And no sooner are the pants on than they’re coming off again. Drew luvs uncut cocks and can’t wait to slide that burgeoning length into his mouth. Jacob’s not very experienced and he’s never had sex with a black guy before, but he wants to…. Drew slides slowly - slowly into that tight twink hole as Jacob gasps. Its takes a minute for his tight hole to get used to the stiff length but once he does these two boys are bucking like mules. Jason bends over, then insists on seeing Drew’s face as he fucks him harder, deeper, harder, deeper ….leading to a splatter, copious cum shot.
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