Jake Nelson and Billy Warren

Channel: Bait Buddies
2018-07-28 05:30:02
So, Jake thinks he's here to break into pussy porn flicks and Billy knows he is here for Jake's big cock. Caruso soon breaks the bad news that the girl didn't show and gives the guys the option to have sex with each other for twice their original fee. Jake is taken aback and says ''Not really my thing'', but Caruso calmly explains the ways of the porn world to him... at least the ways of the porn world at BaitBuddies.com, using the good old ''do you think every girl on girl scenes is Lesbian''? Jake can't fight that logic, and as he sees Billy has no problems with it, he decides he's in for at least trying it out. Billy starts jacking Jake's big cock and Jake just says ''it feels good''. Before long, Jake is also stroking Billy's 7.5'' thick piece. And both boys look like they're really enjoying it. You can see that Jake's mouth is watering for Billy's fat cock as he looks up to Caruso behind the camera and asks ''can I suck it''. Within seconds he's mastered Jake's dick, taking it all the way down his throat - it's such a good blowjob that Jake says ''definitely not a girl''.
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