Jake Riley And Dax Daniels

Channel: College Dudes
2023-02-06 05:30:01
Dax Daniels and Jake Riley are ready to get down and dirty and make some cash, but by the way these boys touch each other, it looks like money isn’t the only thing on their mind! They exchange deep, passionate kisses as they slowly undress each other, losing pieces of clothing between kisses until Dax has Jake naked on the bed, his uncut cock waiting to be sucked. Dax doesn’t keep him waiting, it blows Jake while he plays with himself through his boxers, eventually taking his own dick out to stroke it while he sucks Jake’s sweet cock. By the time Jake gest his mouth around Dax’s prick, it’s already hard and Jake lets Dax face fuck him hard, getting into it as he opens up his throat and lets Dax shove it in. When their cocks are throbbing hard, they give up the oral and get to fucking as Jake straddles Dax and sits on Dax’s fat prick, taking it slow as he ass stretches around that epic cock. Jake rides Dax and then decides to let Jake fuck him as he lies back on the bed and spreads his legs open, ready to receive Dax’s hard dick, and when Dax pushes inside of him it’s not long before Jake is cumming, shooting a huge load! The sight of all that hot cum is enough to make Jake pull out and bust a nut onto Jake, finishing off a hot scene with a hot cumshot!
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