James Andrews Fucks Brody Lasko

2019-03-14 05:30:02
James Andrews and Brody Lasko are back by popular demand, and we’re expecting James to step up his game if he wants to come back and make some more cash. Brody is here to help him be more open to the experience, and they get things started with a sexy makeout session. They keep their lips locked while they slide their pants off and start rubbing each other’s junk, grabbing those cocks through their boxers until finally we get some oral! Brody kisses his way down to James’s eager dick, taking it in his mouth and deepthroating it until his eyes water while James tries to shove it even deeper. After Brody’s throat is coated in precum, he expects the same from James and gets his cock sucked next, followed by a finger up his ass as James gets a little adventurous and fingers Brody’s hole before sticking his dick inside!
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