Jan Cerny and Laco Meido

2019-02-18 05:30:01
Jan Cerny is very horny. He is sitting on the edge of the bed, with his cock rock hard, as Laco Meido is behind him kissing his neck and reaching around to feel his chest. Then Laco reached down and wanks on Jan's cock. Jan lays on the bed so that Laco can continue to enjoy that hot body. He kisses the chest and then kisses Jan on the lips. Moving down to the throbbing cock Laco takes it in his mouth and sucks it. He keeps working on Jan's cock until he feels his friend's hand on his head, holding it in place as the cock fucks deep into his mouth. Then they decide to play with ropes, Laco's wrists being tied to the bedframe. His ass is available and Jan soon has his big cock deep inside, fucking it fast. Laco moans as he takes the big cock deep in his hole. Jan keeps fucking that ass so hard, pounding it as deep as he can. Changing position, with Laco on his back Jan's dick stretches the hole wide as Laco wanks himself. His cock is so hard as he takes Jan's deep in his ass, and he keeps wanking all the while. With all his wanking Laco is soon ready to blow and he dumps his hot cum all over his belly as Jan keeps fucking his hot hole. Jan is soon ready to cum too and pulls out to shoot his creamy cum over Laco's cock and balls. He milks the cum from his cock and then leans over for a final kiss.
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