Jay & His BWC

2020-04-08 05:30:02
Yo guys so Jay is a regular bud of mine I'm just now sharing. He comes by every so often and he likes to watch porn while I edge his dick! We have made tons of private videos but he was never really up for sharing them. But we are always trading stuff back and forth. He was a pretty hard core closet case. You know, one of those street white boys. We met a long time ago. He used to be my tree dude. One night he came over and we got stupid elevated and we started fucking around. Every sense then we have had these secret meet ups. We have never fucked. We got close once but his GF called and fucked that up! Well this time he comes over and we are doing our typical thing plus playing GTA 5. And he tells me he wants me to record it for you guys lol. Now I'm not really sure what prompted this. He did come out of the closet as bi a fe! w weeks before. And we were going through my site and jacking to stuff I've made. He loves doing that! So I guess he feels he can go all out lol. He was a little nervous. Usually he has a pretty dirty mouth. He loves slapping my face and throatfucking me. But I think knowing it was not just us watching made him a bit self conscious. Then during the video he asks me if I want him to fuck me! He made it very clear when we first met a while back that he doesn't fuck dudes. So him asking was another shocker! It didn't happen in this vid guys sorry. But I really feel like if you guys helped me out and left some feedback he would do it! He loves being admired. So if you guys commented and encouraged him I'm sure he would open right up and would probably put that big dick in me too. Who wants to see him breed me?
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