Jeremiah and Jon

Channel: Chaos Men
2022-06-23 05:30:01
After getting a feel for Jeremiah's sexual energy, I likely will keep putting him with passive guys for him to dominate. Unfortunately, he has a rather large cock, and fucks with aggressively with little mercy. That means newbies are out of the question for him to play with. Thankfully Jon is not a newbie. After handling Pax's cock with ease, I knew just who to put him with next. Jeremiah is straight, but I think he is really starting to move himself in the Bi category. I know many of you have a tough time and want to pigeon hole any performer as gay, but many of the guys just don't spend their free time secretly on a cruising app. Jeremiah just had a baby and given he grew up on a very liberal San Fran, I don�t get a vibe that he is confused or "on the fence" about his sexuality. He just knows what he is doing. One of my favorite parts of this video is when Jon is standing on the back of the catch, and Jeremiah is rimming his hole. The dude clearly loves to eat ass, and while Glenn can do it with no problem, there is hunger there that keeps his cock bone hard while doing it.
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