Jerome Reynolds

Channel: Bad Puppy
2018-11-12 05:30:02
27 year old Jerome Reynolds is into body building and swimming and as he slowly pulls of his shirt we certainly get proof of that. Jerome’s body is taught and lean. His chest is incredibly ripped and his legs are massive. Jerome unzips his pants and slides them off and onto the floor. The one thing we notice immediately is that his cock is already standing at attention. Between the interview and Jerome playing with his dick thru his jeans, everyone is getting hard. Cupping his balls in one hand, Jerome spits into his other hand and using that wet hand begins stroking is thick, uncut cock. As he continues to jerk his cock, Jerome pulls his legs back giving us a great shot of his sweet, tight asshole which he begins fingering the moment his legs are up. Jerome jumps up on the counter above the sofa where he continues to jerk his cock and show us every angle of his hot and muscular body; but, he’s ready to squirt. Jerome gets down off of the counter and kneels down on the sofa. Taking his cock in hand one more time he intently starts jerking it again and in just a couple of moments and with a very noticeable moan, Jerome squirts a very thick and healthy load all over the carpet below. With a relieved smile to the camera, Jerome stands, showing us the cum dripping from his cock and with a wink of his eye, he is off to the showers.
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