Johannes Lars, Luke Volta

Channel: Bad Puppy
2020-06-29 05:30:01
Luke Volta was coming down the stairs when boyfriend Johannes Lars got home and met him coming up. Without saying a word they grab each other, start kissing and not surprisingly; the clothes start coming off. Johannes is the first on his knees all but worshiping Luke’s cock, after releasing it from the confines of his underwear. Luke’s cock is rock hard and he has the most beautiful bulbous cock-head. Johannes woofs it down and sucks on it until Luke’s cock appears to be a reddish-purple color. Johannes gives Luke’s cock a break, strips off the rest of his clothes, lays back on the sofa and Luke wraps his lips around Johannes’ cock before swallowing every last inch of it. Standing up; Luke pushes Johannes’ legs back and shoves his bare, rock hard dick all the way in. Johannes takes quite the pounding before he motions for Luke to sit down on the sofa and then he plopped his ass right down on Luke’s cock. Johannes finally winds up bent over the sofa with Luke continuing to pound away at his ass. It does not take much more for Luke; however, he pulls his cock out of Johannes and squirts thick globs of jizz all over Johannes’ ass. When Luke is finished Johannes rolls over on the sofa, grabs his thick and ready-to-shoot cock and the thick oozy cum starts rolling out of his cock all over his tummy.
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