John Deer feat. Giorgio Arsenale & Bruno Fox

Channel: Butch Dixon
2018-04-16 05:30:01
Sexy Greek lad - John Deer makes his splattery debut, with a big dildo, and a big thing for older, hairy men - Bruno Fox and Giorgio Arsenale, so as he's watching Giorgio getting his feet sucked by Bruno, (and his tight hole, stretched wide, oooh thats a gaper!) He's simultaneously wanking his big, Greek dick. He's a sexy young man with one of those long, hanging over foreskins, so with his and Giorgio's uncut cocks, this one is a feast of foreskins. Our sexy young stud edges closer to orgasm as he watches the screen of Giorgio and Bruno, (shot exclusively for this scene), so there's not just one hot, juicy, steamy thick cum shot there's three, all the cum to lick up, yumalicious.
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