John Parker and Chris R

2018-07-26 05:30:01
Relaxing on the massage table, John Parker enjoys a rub down by blond Chris in a vest and hot white undies. As Chris moves towards John's head, he can't hide his growing bulge from under those tight briefs and John can't help but notice it either!! Asking if he can help his friend out, an impressively large straight dick is burst out and goes straight down John's hungry throat. Returning the favor, Chris gives John an awesome deep throat, in close-up so we see his neck stretch as the shaft slides down his gullet in one the best 69's seen in ages!! Moving onto the bench, Chris gets that tasty dick of his wet and sliding into John's nicely relaxed hole, fucking him rigid, using the table to get real deep into the twinks butt, the creaks and the moans sounds great together, not to mention Chris's skinny body getting a great workout as he pumps John full of meat, giving us the best angle, a big dick fucking a smooth hole while his legs and feet are in the air!!
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