Josh Stone and Alessio Romero

2023-12-21 11:30:02
Bearded daddy Alessio Romero and slender otter Josh Stone were going at it hot and heavy even before we got the camera rolling. The daddy and son roleplaying duo were soon stripped down and taking turns sucking cock. Well, okay, Alessio sucked cock. Josh just got his throat fucked. The oral sex in this scene is intense, with Josh gagging, snorting and choking while Alessio purrs contentedly, like a lion after a hunt. The hairy tattooed fucker uses Josh for his own primal pleasure, rimming his sweet cock-hungry hole and spitting into it, making sure Josh is well-lubed. And then Alessio mounts Josh. To say we instantly boned watching that happen would be an understatement. And it continued during the rest of the shoot. The moaning and groaning you’ll hear is pure unadulterated bareback lust as Alessio turns Josh into his little bitch. He fucks hard and pounds deep, commanding and directing Josh, treating him like his personal fucktoy, which only proves what we’ve known all along. Alessio is one of the hottest Latin daddy bareback fuckers we’ve ever come across! And if you think his ass pounding is hot, wait until you see him throat fuck his whore, with full on skull fucking, all so that Alessio can continue fucking the slut raw using only spit for lube!
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