Channel: Chaos Men
2024-06-11 10:30:02
Joss is a sexy and adorable 25-year-old Cuban. He has been here since he was 10 and didn't know any English when he got to the U.S., but I can barely detect a hint of an accent. Despite his 5'5" small frame, this dude is packing nearly 8" of uncut meat. Lending further evidence that Cuban guys are stereotypically more hung than the rest of us. And at only 135 pounds, I am surprised he doesn't tip over when he gets hard! For his first time in front of the camera, he was a little nervous until we started shooting photos. His cock responded quickly, and that instantly relaxed him and gave him a lot more confidence for the video. We start the video with him relaxed and in the zone to show-off. That cock though, it is so hot with the delicious foreskin and a gently trimmed bush. His hole is also perfect, but with a lot more natural hair. He identifies as straight, liking older women 30-40+. Thankfully I had some MILF porn for him that worked great! He also seems a little bi-curious, and is not really thinking guy-on-guy stuff will be challenging. He is eager to give it all a try, so stay-tuned for his first attempt at sucking dick!
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