Justin Alexander and Trent Tarzan

Channel: Eurocreme
2019-04-15 05:30:02
Romanticizing the past in this sepia-toned memory, Justin Alexander looks back on the erotic massage he received from blond muscle hunk, Trent Tarzan. Though at first Justin only needed some relief for his aching muscles, after Trent got done playing with his ass and fingering his hole, there was another muscle that needed some working over. Muscle hunk Trent gave Justin much more than just a massage. His hands slippery with oil, Trent gave the slender twink a handjob Justin won’t forget any time soon. It’s no wonder the slender pretty thing still thinks back to that one occasion, with a fondness that gets him hard and ready to shoot as big a load as he shot with Trent’s expert jerking off session.
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