Kader Jawell and Lyam Dylan

Channel: French Dudes
2019-05-07 05:30:01
Here's a good shower scene starting out with Lyam Dylan, or rather his smooth little ass. Don't drop the soap! Lathering up his body and his cock, Lyam looks right at the camera knowing we like what we see. Then he's joined by Kader Jawell, a sexy young man we haven't seen in a while. Wasting no time, Kader quickly docks their cocks and we have instant erections. LYam grabs some heavy cream and pours it down over his body and this scene is about to get even creamier. I do hope you're comfy boys; time to get a grip. Speaking of, that's a two hander Lyam has there and Kader takes every inch into his throat.
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