Kenny Cruz Returns

2024-01-04 11:30:01
Cute Kenny Cruz and his ticklish feet are back for more wild bondage and foot tickling action. Last time Kenny was with us he was strapped down to the rack. This time we got him naked and spreadeagled on the bed, feet tied securely to the bed rail, and fully available for relentless tickling. Vahn warms him up with some light upper body tickling, which gets him giggling. But his giggle quickly turns into pure gut laughter as Vahn dances his fingernails in Kenny's armpits and up and down his torso. But the focus of this tickle fetish scene is his adorable smooth Asian boy feet. We know from last time he has very ticklish feet. So Vahn and I really put him through the ringer with foot tickling action, and kept Kenny laughing hard the whole time.
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