Khan Gets His Boy

Channel: Japan Boyz
2018-11-08 05:30:02
I tell ya, Khan is just a lucky fuck-him; today, with Tomohisa, the two play as Khan tops, and Tomohisa shares his beautiful hole on With the two getting right to it, Khan, in the pink shirt, explores and undresses his boy. Tomohisa, with his perfect skin and exquisite trimmed groin, also has a nice sized cock to suck; Khan takes full advantage, with his mouth. Working on Khan, Tomohisa lets those gorgeous lips lock around Khan's cock; the two 69 and explore. Ready to gauge, the bottom goes on all fours as the top palpates his boy. Once in, Khan's cock gives rise to some nice moaning; Tomohisa enjoys missionary before he takes a ride. Thrusting together, the pair really go hard, with the camera close behind. After a bit more of the bottom on his back, Khan pulls out so they may both release. Tomohisa gives a soft whimper as he pools his load; Khan follows and shoots to his partner's neck.
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