Kyle Dean FUCKS Run4Miles

Channel: GayHoopla
2023-11-20 11:30:01
This contest received 61 contestants trying to get their shot at fucking one of our gorgeous GayHoopla Models. Lucky fanboy run4miles was our winner and chose the young missile dick stud, Kyle Dean. When run4miles first won the contest, he actually started to get cold feet. After we gave him a night to think it over, he decided to move forward with it. Kyle Dean was actually flattered when he found out he was chosen for the contest. Run4miles wouldn't stop complimenting Kyle on set, and definitely had a huge middle school crush. It was when he saw Kyle's dick in real life, he played the "virgin" card... "please be easy on me." We're not sure this was run4miles first time bottoming, but we're happy to inform you, Kyle did not take it easy. He pounded that thing until his own dick exploded. I think GayHoopla just made a fanboy's dream come true. We believe he will forever remember the day he met Kyle Dean and his big cock.
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